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F-One Strike V2 Techinfo


Wing design, our differences

When wing foiling first appeared, we not only discovered brand-new riding sensations but also got to witness its birth and participate in its development. We took on the challenge of designing these new wings without knowing what other brands were up to. It was very interesting to then find out what each design team had to offer.

The SWING and the STRIKE were best-sellers and we aimed to maintain their legacy moving forward. We now introduce the STRIKE V2, our fifth model in three years, and we dare reveal some of the secrets of its conception and design.

Our innovative and consistent approach

Right at the beginning, we asked ourselves the appropriate questions and made our design briefs consistently thorough.

Back in the winter of 2019, it was hard to picture the future of wing foiling : Is performance essential? The importance of surfing or down winding? Will jumping and aerial tricks become major disciplines themselves? What does it take to learn this sport and progress quickly? Which  kind of conditions will it be practiced in?

Swing V1

Our SWING V1 held up strongly for 18 months, thus showing that we had successfully anticipated the needs of this new sport and provided the right solutions.

Today we offer three different wing models: STRIKE, STRIKE CWC, and SWING. They are our answers to wing foiling’s demands, whether for freeriding or for competition.

The SWING was our original model in 2019. In 2021, to it SWING V2 was added to our range to preserve a light wing with good performances and a surf trend for downwinders.

Strike CWC

Then The STRIKE CWC, with its patented 3-strut design, provides the best solution to ride in light winds with larger sizes from 6m to 8m.


With its sizes under 6m, the STRIKE is our main model and has a huge range of possibilities, from beginners’ level to the pros. The STRIKE took first and third place in both the surf/freestyle and race podiums of the GWA Wingfoil World Tour in 2021.

Those who own and love their STRIKE V1 can rest assured. Its spirit and feel do not change; this new V2 is simply a STRIKE but largely improved in every way.

F-One Strike V2

Design choices

Our wings have always deserved the best of our 25 years of experience in kite design. Since we took the right decisions from day one, we never had to second-guess or backtrack on our first designs.

Many of our initial ideas for the SWING V1 are still used in the STRIKE V2:

• Our original outlines with narrower and thinner wingtips compared to others.
• The SWING V1 had three handles, then the STRIKE only two. A lot of wings had, or still have, too many handles.
• It’s fabric’s orientation towards tension was already on the trailing edge panel of the SWING V1 6m in 2019. We pushed this concept even further on the STRIKE V1 and SWING V2.
• Our leading edges had five or six segments whereas others only used three or four.
• Additional the choices on profile’s types have been quite similar since our first model.
• The fabric’s tension of our wings.

We are proud that our SWING V1 could still be relevant nowadays. 

F-ONE’s original concepts

First, the amount of work, experience, and commitment from everybody involved is key. Our design and testing teams are rigorous and demanding, which guarantees that all our wings are up to our high standards.

The design team has been the same for over 10 years, which leads to an impressive level of social cohesion and efficient internal communication. Our design briefs are very comprehensive and intricate.

For example, I want power for planing but I also want great control in strong winds. So on I want a wing that is stiff enough for good performances and that will not deform when I jump, but I want comfort at the same time. For me it’s important to have a wing that is durable and strong, yet as light as possible. And I want a wing that can win races or freestyle events in elite competitions.

Two of our original concepts:

Pre Loaded Canopy:

From the beginning, our wings have had a unique tension that can be compared to that of a harden up windsurfing rig. Our wings are therefore “pre-tensioned.” This ideal tension of the trailing edge when riding guarantees much better performances upwind and in light winds.
Many brands today claim increased rigidity. At the same time, we revealed the more innovating concept of controlled deformation, the Adaptive Wing Design. It was a fascinating challenge to investigate how a wing should deform without losing neither its optimal shape nor performance abilities.

Adaptive Wing Design:

Many brands today claim increased rigidity. At the same time, we revealed the more innovating concept of controlled deformation, the Adaptive Wing Design. It was a fascinating challenge to investigate how a wing should deform without losing neither its optimal shape nor performance abilities.

These are all the challenges that excite and drive us to innovate every day.

Detailbeschrieb des Strike V2’s von F-One

Much more than a wing !


Wing foil sensations are beyond compare. The feeling of freedom you get from being the only connection between the wing and the foil is unique. It is thus essential to make the correct wing choice to enjoy the full experience.

The STRIKE V2 and its improved design will give you even stronger sensations, no matter your skill level.

  Adaptive Wing Design: Controlled power, Performance and Comfort

  Pre Loaded Canopy: Our unique canopy tension allows the wing to keep its shape at all times

  Perfectly balanced center of traction between your two arms

  Legendary lightness, essential for freefly

  Dynamic stability for a fully controlled ride

  Exceptional forward traction to increase upwind and reduce fatigue

  Extended wind range guaranteeing performance and control in all your sessions

  New sizes from 2.5m to 5.5m


Adaptive Wing Design

While the industry trends towards the “all-rigid”, we have developed the Adaptive Wing Design, a unique concept offering the perfect balance between performance and comfort.


It is difficult and uncomfortable to handle a stiff, handheld wing in the high end, especially without a harness. A wing must be able to absorb that power, just like the mast bend or the opening of the leech in windsurfing or the depower in kitesurfing. The STRIKE V2’s Adaptive Wing Design transforms every gust into positive energy. This new wing is designed to adapt through a controlled deformation that allows the preservation of a high-performance profile throughout the entire range of use.


To reach this result, we worked on the leading edge and modified the shape of the central strut. Its cut is now segmented, allowing for an improved control of its curve and its deformations. We also enhanced the wing’s twist.

The Adaptive Wing Design enables a perfect control of the traction. The wing adapts itself to the riding conditions while maintaining an unprecedented stability. It releases power when necessary and takes the shape it needs in any given wind without degrading the quality of the profile.


Standard materials like Dacron and Polyester are still perfectly suited for exploring the Adaptive Wing Design’s world, and both offer a huge range of design possibilities. Our experience and the feedbacks received on our previous designs have allowed us to better analyze the structural and reinforcement needs of a wing. The STRIKE V2 will be even more solid and durable.


Pre Loaded Canopy

From the beginning, our wings have had a unique canopy tension that can be compared to that of a harden up windsurfing rig. Our wings are therefore “pre-tensioned” and made to adapt. This ideal tension of the trailing edge when riding guarantees much better performances upwind and in light winds.


Center of traction

Throughout our entire development process, we took great care of the center of traction’s stability, so power’s distribution is always balanced between both arms. The wing is stable and barely requires any adjustments from your front or back hand, thus offering maximum comfort.



Our wings are quite literally at your fingertips. Right from the start, we picked handles with a small diameter and a rectangular shape, with flatter parts that fit right into your phalanges. You don’t have to firmly grasp the handles constantly.


Once again, we went for softness instead of rigidity, so you always have the perfect angle between the wing and your arms. As our wing is already extremely stable, rigid handles weren’t necessary. With our softer, lighter, more comfortable, and well-thought-out handles, you won’t hurt or exert yourself, nor damage the canopy while packing your gear.


Weight – Control – Stability

The STRIKE V2 keeps the V1’s incomparable ultra-light weight that is pleasant in all phases of flight. Stability is improved by respecting the profile and the wing’s center of traction while in motion. The traction is constant and homogeneous. This improved in-flight stability allows you to keep better control of your foil and your trajectories, no matter your skill level.

The Strike V2 provides smooth and precise steering abilities and works for you thanks to the Adaptive Wing Design.

The tensions of the fabric and profile’s distribution are improved. A new panel orientation along the warp line offers a better control and extended durability by ideally adjusting the fabric in the right direction.

The infill is kept to a minimum to ensure profile control without adding weight, and to maintain a good field of view.

The STRIKE V2 will be inconspicuous during your free flying sessions so you can fully focus on your surfs or on the swell.


Fast Forward

One of the unmatched qualities of our wings is that they pull you forward, not sideways. The traction of the STRIKE V2 has been improved particularly for strong winds: you only need to sheet out to feel the power decrease and the traction go forward. It offers great navigation comfort upwind and allows you to push the limits of the high end with less efforts. In the low end, the traction is steady and does not require any adjustments. Just sheet in and the wing works for you.



With its unparalleled upwind capabilities, the STRIKE V2 will increase your free flying time or help you win races. Its speed performance also allows you to jump higher and to benefit from an excellent lift for landings. Its compact design, with less wingspan than the V1, offers more possibilities for tricks and a more comfortable navigation with your hands positioned lower.



Through its constant traction, control, lightweight and stability, this wing is perfect for freeriding no matter your skill level. Its power and pumping efficiency are its strengths to get planing and exploit the low end.


Expanded wind range and its advantages

We work extensively on the range of use of our wings to guarantee a great planing start and the possibility to ride in light wind. Simultaneously, we wish to push each size as far as possible in the high end to keep your riding flow in any conditions.


    What are the advantages?

·       A single wing is enough to give you a full range of use and comfort of navigation when the wind drops or picks up during your session.

·       Gain more lift during jumps and enjoy smoother landings while keeping the same wing size in the high end.

·       Start planing earlier, and thus reduce the volume and size of your board.


New V2 sizes

The ideal minimum area of a wing can be 2.5m and the maximum 5.5m without using our 3-strut CWC patent. The STRIKE V2 will therefore be available from 2.5m to 5.5m, and will offer a new size distribution with: 2,5 m – 3m – 3,5m – 4m – 4,5m – 5 m – 5,5m 


This could also allow heavier riders to choose among 3.5m – 4.5m – 5.5m, and the lighter ones to pick between 3m – 4m – 5m.


A STRIKE V2 is passion, smooth performances, power and control, lightness, strength, and durability.

Its dynamic stability in flight makes everything easier for you while on your foil. It provides remarkable forward traction over the entire range of use, allowing incredible feats. Whether a pro rider or a beginner, your potential with it is exceptional.


The STRIKE V2 is much more than a wing. It is everything you need to reach your riding flow.

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