F-One Phantom Fct Frontwing


Die Phantom Foils haben folgende Eigenschaften:

  • Sie ermöglichen viel Speed and glide
  • Die Phantom Foils eignen sich gut in Pumping/Downwind
  • Das Fahrverhalten ist agil und wendig

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F-One Phantom Fct Frontwing

Infos von uns zum F-One Phantom Fct Frontwing:

  • Der Fct Frontwing von F-One passt auf die Alu Fuselage 74 Surf
  • Es gibt ihn in 2 Ausführungen:
    • Phantom Fct 1280 Frontwing
    • Phantom Fct 1480 Frontwing
    • Phantom Fct 1680 Frontwing
  • Er kann gut mit dem Frontwing Gravity Fct 2200 kombiniert werden
  • Die Phantom FCT Frontwings funktioneren am besten mit dem R275 Surf Stabilisator

Infos von F-One zum Frontwing:

The foils of the Phantom line are designed to glide effortlessly when pumping or connecting waves and then prove very agile and precise when surfing.

  • Speed and glide
  • Pumping/downwind machine
  • Nimble and maneuvrable


FW Phantom Fct 1280:

Area: 1280 cm²
Span: 87 cm
Aspect Ratio: 5.9
Alu Fuselage: 74 Surf

FW Phantom Fct 1480:

Area: 1480 cm²
Span: 96 cm
Aspect Ratio: 6.2
Alu Fuselage: 74 Surf

FW Phantom Fct 1680:

Area: 1680cm2
Span: 104cm
Aspect Ratio: 6.4
Alu Fuselage: 74 Surf


F-One Phantom Fct Frontwing


The FOIL COMPRESSION Technology is a F-ONE innovation offering impressive mechanical properties making it particularly suited for foil subjected to high stresses and bending loads.
Our FCT front wings are built in fiberglass around a high density foam core. The wing is covered by our thin and strong shield skin.
This technology offers one of the most accessible foil setup market whilst keeping the DNA of its carbon siblings.

al6063 f-one F-One Phantom Fct Frontwing

Aluminium 6063 & 6061

Machining blocks of aluminium 6061 guarantees the maximum accuracy and preserves the mechanical properties of this higher grade of aluminium. All parts are fully anodized and stainless steel inserts are fitted with isolating gel when fastening is required.

fusion link f-one


The FUSION LINK enables the perfect connection between the Fuselage and the f-one fw phantom fct using a large solid plate at the front of the fuselage.
It is screwed to the front wing using 4 x M6 – 14 mm screws , resulting in a connection geometry that ensures a very solid and stiff assembly.

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