F-One Pro Race Carbon 2022


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F-One Pro Race Carbon 2022

Unsere Infos zum F-One Pro Race Carbon 2022:

Key Features:
  • Das Pro Race 2022 ist sehr leicht
  • Es hat die beste Volumenverteilung und Outline für schnelles Fahren
  • Es gibt eine Tuttle Version und eine Tuttle/Twin Tracks Version
  • Die Tuttle Version passt nicht für alle Race Foils, wegen der Position der Box


Das Board bestellen wir nur auf Vorbestellung, wir haben wöchentliche Lieferungen von F-One.

Infos von F-One zum Pro Race Carbon Board:


The PRO RACE foil board is F-ONE’s official competition-shape board for kite foil racing.

  • Pro competition shape
  • Carbon construction


Designed with and for our best riders, this board is built to withstand the demands and pressure of racing.
It is the fastest board we have designed to date and can be pushed to the limit.

The HD Foam construction gives the PRO RACE CARBON an incredible resistance all while maintaining a light weight.
The board’s build has been reinforced for even more solidity, and the peel-ply finish on the deck provides grip with no extra weight.

It is available in 4’7 size either only with a deep carbon Tuttle box, or with both the deep carbon Tuttle box and the Twin-Tracks system.
Both versions are equipped with inserts for three footstraps.





Tuttle: 2.8KG

Tuttle/Twin Tracks: 3.1Kg

Programm F-One Pro Race Carbon

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140 Tuttle, 140 Tuttle/Twin Tracks



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