Kai Lenny Dragon Surfskate


Das Dragon Board von Kai Lenny ist ein Carver Surfskate für viel Grip und Kontrolle bei Speed.

Es hat einen etwas längeren Radstand. Somit eignet es sich super für weite Turns und Pump Tracks!

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Kai Lenny Dragon Surfskate

Unsere Infos zum Kai Lenny Dragon Surfskate:

Key Features:
  • Pro Board von Weltberühmtheit Kai Lenny
  • Etwas längerer Radstand ähnlich wie das Green Room
  • Tail Kick und konkaves Deck für maximale Kontrolle
    Kurven mit viel Druck und Kontrolle
  • Wir empfehlen die C7 Achsen
  • Länge 34″


Infos von Carver zum Dragon Board:

Maui native Kai Lenny defies easy categorization, having truly mastered so many board riding disciplines that listing them all seems impossible.
Surf, Hydrofoil, Kite, Windsurf, Stand Up Paddle, Prone Paddle, Outrigger Canoe, Big Wave Tow-In, and now Surfskate.

A first to do many things, break records and exceeds the imaginable over and over, this Surfing Hall of Famer is widely considered one of the best
waterman in history. So when we saw him surfskating on his own Carver with his inimitably bold style we were stoked.
Kai is a true aloha ambassador, and we’re proud to have him help spread the surfskate stoke with his sunny smile and charging feats.


From Kai’s own quiver comes this stretched out double-concave board, perfectly proportioned to fit his stance and style.

With a longer wheelbase that increases both stability and speed for a faster pump and carve.


  • Truck Option: CX
  • Truck Color Option: Raw Only
  • Wheels: 69MM Smoke Concave
  • Bearings: Built-In
  • Grip Tape: Deck Pad
  • Hardware: Stainless Steel
  • Length: 34″
  • Width: 10 1/4″
  • Wheelbase: 18″
  • Nose: 5 1/4″
  • Tail: 6 1/2″


  • Length: 34″
  • Width: 10 1/4″
  • Wheelbase: 18″
  • Nose: 5 1/4″
  • Tail: 6 1/2″



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34"/C7, 34"/CX



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