Ozone Connect Seat Harness


Das Sitztrapez von Ozone für Freeride und Race

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Ozone Connect Seat Harness ist ein bequemes Sitztrapez der Marke Ozone zum Foilen. Es eignet sich für Race und Freeride.

Infos von Ozone:


While racing the Connect Seat harness perfectly transfers high loads from the kite into the riders legs without restricting movement. What makes this harness truly outstanding is that you don’t feel pressure points on your body. No rubbing, no bruises, just pure pleasure and comfort thanks to the sleek lines and precise sculpted shape with ultra soft foam padding and neoprene layers.


With the option to attach the leg straps directly to the spreader bar this can provide a further locked-in ride. Or for a looser feeling leave the spreader bar and leg straps disconnected. In either set up the leg straps prevent the harness from sliding up, left or right, and keep the center of gravity on your body low.


Entry-level riders often fly the kite at the zenith, using a seat harness increases comfort, as it will remain in position all day long without sliding up above your waist. For free riders who prefer the feeling and support of a seat harness the Connect Seat makes cruising and jumping very easy and enjoyable. Sit back, relax and ride!

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